Scott Michaels & Maggie Ford
Mornings 6-9 am

Scott and Maggie grew up and went to school together in Sioux City, Iowa. They met on the first day of 8th Grade in 1971. Scott was a nerdy class clown, while Maggie was the quiet, studious type who loved music and theater. Their first performance together was in a middle school musical.
Always friends, but never a “couple,” Scott and Maggie wound up in Junior Achievement together, working on a weekly student radio show sponsored by a local radio station. It was the first taste of real radio for them both, writing and producing features for the program, and even creating their own sound effects by breaking glass in a studio wastebasket. Heady times!
The two married in 1977. The radio station offered Scott a job, and he stayed behind the microphone for most of the rest of his life. Maggie became one of Birmingham’s top floral designers and wedding planners.
Through the years, they’ve taken just about every possible chance to perform together – in theater, radio, and the concert stage. The Super Mix Morning Show is their first daily show as a team, and it fulfills a lifelong dream for both. “At this point in our lives, we’re just having fun. We hope the listeners come along for the ride.”


Roger Allen

I started my radio career on June 9, 1981. Since then I have programmed as well as held management roles at many awesome stations around the South. Besides handling my on-air duties these days I am also an audio engineer for several radio stations who trust my ear and experience to make them sound great. I love playing and talking to my audience the music that I love.


Ken Lyons

Ken was born at Jackson’s Hospital in Montgomery in 1957 to Parker Wilson and Annie M. Lyons. He lived in Montgomery, Mobile, Florala as well as Laurel Hill in Florida, where he graduated from high school in 1976.

 Ken developed a love for radio broadcasting at the age of 10. He says, “Being a only child and living out in the country I entertained myself by pretending to be a DJ and imitated multiple radio stations and DJ’s to train myself. Finally my first radio broadcasting job was in Crestview, FL at WCNU 101 0 on the AM dial. In 1975 I was hired at WCTA. AM & FM in Andalusia . It later was sold and became WKYD. I have also worked at WAMI 102.3 FM. 860 AM in Opp, AL. 1977,  Greenville, AL at WKXN 96.9 FM as chief announcer. I worked there for 13 years.
I changed careers in 1989 after attending Radiology School at St Margaret’s Hospital and I’ve been a registered x-ray technologist for 32 years. Because of my love for radio I was able to work some part-time shifts back at WAMI. In 1999 a brand new radio station signed on the air license to Brantley Alabama – WAOQ 100.3 FM. It played a classic country format with studios on North Franklin Rd just outside of Luverne. In 2018 a new tower was erected on Highway 29 just south of Troy. New call letters were issued to WSMX 100.3 FM, a new format was created with a super mix of all the music you grew up with. All the classic country hits and all the classic rock and roll ,soft rock, and oldies blending together to make great variety music station. I have been blessed to work for J&W Communications the owner of WSMX 100.3 FM for over 23 years.”